Customer loyalty leads to repeat business

Customer Loyalty. Your ultimate target. You and your staff must live for customer loyalty. Everything you do must be aiming for customer loyalty. Period.

Lets see why.

It will cost you much less to have loyal customers than getting new ones

It’s usually 5 to 10 times more expensive to get new customers to your business compared to your existing ones.

In order to manage to make someone become a new customer, you need to spend in marketing activities, advertisement and special offers usually on discounted prices.

The existing customer is already brought to you so you do not have all these expenses and on top of that, it is a fact that they are going to spend more than a new customer, because they have already built their trust to your brand and your products. 

Plus, they will visit your business on repeat, so you can do the maths.

Happy loyal customers will promote your business for free

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