Become an expert in Customer Communication and Building Rapport

Connect with your customers. Don’t just offer them great customer service. Don’t just serve them great food and drinks. Don’t just be polite and friendly with them.

Take the next step and connect with them. Know their names, what they do for a living, what is their favourite activity, ask them about things that they are willing to discuss with you.

When a customer is connected with you and your business, you have achieved more than you can imagine.  They will return to your business, spend more, advertise you, support you when necessary, cover some mistakes you may make, offer you honest feedback, bring their friends and family. They will feel that they are part of your business and will care about your business like they would care about theirs.

When I was managing hospitality operations, the main target I was always setting to my staff was to make connections with the customers. It was at the top of the things they were asked to achieve during their shift.

It is unquestionable and fairly expected that a business has to offer great customer service, food and drinks, and any other products and services. But you exceed customers expectations when you connect with them, it is another level of customer treatment.

In order to achieve customer connections of high quality, you need to know how to communicate in the right method and the ways of building rapport with them.

Learn how to communicate with your customers

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