Understand the differences between customers’ Needs, Wants and Expectations

If you want to fully understand your customers, you need to understand the differences in their needs, wants and expectations. It’s a priority for the road to success. This will also help you to build the customer profiles for your business.

I have identified that most of my learners and many business owners I know, they are confused between the terms and more specifically when it comes to customer wants and expectations. So, let’s clarify these terms.

Customer Needs

These are things that the customers cannot do without and it’s necessary that you have in your business. These are basic requirements that the customers have in order to be able to use your business.

Their absence makes it impossible for them to buy from you and they will definitely go to your competitors, hoping that they will meet their specific needs.

The customer needs come first in the customers’ level of priority and they must be met, there is no question about it.

A basic example of a customer need is…

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