The 4 stages of the Customer Journey

Knowing how the stages each customer goes through, until they decide to use your products and services, is key for the success of your business.

This will give you a great advantage against your competition and increase your sales profitability, because you will be able to lead your customer to a specific direction: buying from you.

There are 4 basic stages of a customer’s journey.

Stage 1: Awareness

This is the very first experience a customer has with your brand. At this stage, they become aware of you as a business through a specific product or service they found out about.

This can happen through many different channels like a promotion, offer, advert, social media post, word of mouth, etc. They realise that you exist as a business which offers this specific product. This is the case for a new potential customer who has never used your business before.

Usually, most people believe that awareness applied to new customers only. This is half true; this stage is equally significant for existing customers as well.

Your current customers already know about you, so you need to use this stage to make them aware of products and services you offer that they haven’t used or heard before. This is usually neglected from most business owners as they believe that their existing customers will discover themselves about any additional products and services they offer.

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