Top tips for Food and Drinks pairing

Your customers are not just looking for great food and quality drinks from your business. What they are actually looking for is a great and memorable experience.

They pay a premium price on the same products that they could potentially buy and cook themselves at their own place, because they expect to have a positive and enhanced experience by consuming them at your place.

It is your job and main responsibility to make this happen. When it comes to food and drinks pairings, you need to have the right knowledge to be able to make the best recommendations to help them have the best possible experience.

And if this happens, they will use your business again, become loyal customers and recommend your business to other people as well.

It’s a basic fact that choosing the right combination between a specific food item and drink, can change the whole dining experience. Not all food goes well with all drinks.

Therefore, you need to be able to help your customers when it comes to the point that they are not in the position to decide what’s the best drink pairing for the food they chose.

Food and Wine Pairing

Let’s see what food goes well with a number of white, rose, sparkling and red wines.

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2 thoughts on “Top tips for Food and Drinks pairing

  1. We love to order both red and white wines for the meal and have both bottles opened at the beginning of the meal. It’s amazing the different tastes you can have when you sample both wines with the same food. I think it’s fun but it drives sommeliers crazy!

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    1. I love this and I’m sure it drives the sommeliers crazy! The food is always different depending on what you drink with it.
      If you like coffee, please try to have coffee and food pairings as well. Different coffee blends with savoury and sweet food items. You will be amazed with the experience and reevaluate your coffee.

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