How to manage conflict within a team

Conflict is something very common in many aspects of daily life.

A person can have a conflict against themselves, another person, nature, technology, society, authority, specific ideas and beliefs, etc.  It’s inevitable, but it shouldn’t be something to be scared of, as through conflict resolution comes change.

Therefore, conflict in the workplace is something that you will have to be ready, well equipped and willing to deal with.

If you manage to resolve conflict successfully, the benefits of conflict will be great for your business; healthier employee relationships, morale and motivation, higher productivity, better levels of staff development, stronger problem-solving skills and ability to identify issues at an early stage.

If conflict in the workplace stays unresolved apart from not having the benefits described above, it will also lead to increased levels of employee dissatisfaction and possible higher employee turnover, poor levels of customer service leading to loss in profit and damage in brand reputation, staff behavioral changes including increased levels of work-related stress and sickness absence, or even to legal claims for discrimination, harassment, unfair and hostile working environment.   

Signs of conflict in the workplace

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