People Performance Management – Dealing with Performance

Dealing with Performance

People performance management is one of the most important and critical functions for a business owner or a manager.

Most of the times, in order to to operate a restaurant, café, coffee shop or any other hospitality establishment, it requires a number of people who will work as team to the highest possible standard to achieve the business objectives set in all areas.

This will only happen if their performance is managed successfully, which includes providing them with the right tools, skills and support to bring the best outcomes to their role.

Setting SMART targets is crucial for every leader in order to guide their team to the right direction, motivate them to bring in their best potential and finally manage to meet the business objectives set.

5 basic principles for Performance Measurement

People performance must be measured in order to identify the level of progress achieved in any of the tasks each individual is assigned with or the processes which the team is expected to achieve as a whole.

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