Deal with Customer Complaints effectively

Complaints can be real blessings for your business. They are the people’s talk behind your back about your business and products.

They include information that you might not be aware of and show you the direction you need to take. They usually represent the feelings and emotions not only from the person that gave you the complaint, but tens, if not hundreds of other dissatisfied customers.

Most people fear receiving complaints. They hate them and the idea of dealing with them is overwhelming most of the times. They dispute them, argue with the customers, ignore them and feel superior enough to take any action on them.


Love the idea of receiving complaints. They are your additional armour to the road to success and the battle against your competitors.

Imagine not having received a specific complaint about your service and still be in the dark, until it’s too late to take action.

Types of complaints

But not all complaints are the same. There are different types and you need to be able to categorise them, in order to to deal with the ones that you need to.

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